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Of course, there are lots of ways to improve your health and fitness, and a varied approach can really help.  However, working with a good personal trainer gives you direct access to a wealth of knowledge and experience you may not have yourself.  They will develop a programme specifically to meet your needs, considering your goals, lifestyle, and ability. 

When you choose to work out with a knowledgeable and experienced personal trainer you can be confident of getting good advice, reducing the chances of injury and ensuring that you reach your goals.

Choosing a personal trainer can be a challenge.  How do you know you've found someone competent, who will do what's best for you?  Well, qualifications are important, of course.   Chris is fully qualified in fitness coaching and nutrition, and will be happy to show and talk you through his qualifications and insurance before you start. 


Certificates aren't everything and, as with most things in life, experience is the key.  Chris has been fascinated by fitness since the age of 5!  He started his career in fitness as a teenage sprinter with Peterborough Athletics Club, and since then he has accumulated a broad range of coaching experience in athletics, basketball, cricket, and martial arts.  He became a full-time self-employed personal trainer and fitness coach in 2006, and since then he has been working hard to share his knowledge and skills to help others achieve their fitness goals. 


His experience is diverse, and as well as clients aiming to get fit and improve their health and personal image, Chris has worked with people with differing needs, from elite athletes to young offenders, and he has a wealth of experience with stroke rehabilitation, cardiac rehabilitation, and conditions such as back pain.

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