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"Even though I have trained with Chris for many years I have never been bored due to the variety of ways Chris facilitates the workouts; no two training sessions have ever been the same.  Chris is an excellent motivator, is always cheerful, and builds in an element of fun to all of his workouts."



"Chris is a great Instructor and Personal Trainer.  He has helped me on my journey to achieving my fitness and weight loss goals.  During our training sessions he always encourages and motivates me to keep going even when I feel I have reached my limit"



"My goal was to strengthen my core which I hoped would resolve a shoulder/ back problem.  Chris assessed my condition and tailored the training plan to address my aims.  I feel so much better for all the work we do and my back/ shoulder problems have now gone."



"He puts me through hell and then takes my money!  But seriously, I was going to the gym but going through the motions of a work out.  I started training with Chris and loved the results, I felt better and I had more energy.  I used to think having a personal trainer was an extravagance, but in reality I am investing in my well being"



"Being a keen skier and horse rider, Chris tailor-makes the sessions to ensure maximum concentration on core areas for these sports.  I honestly believe that my sessions with Chis keep me mentally more agile and definitely physically fit to enjoy the other pursuits that I love also."



"I am a sixth degree international instructor in Taekwon-do and I find Chris's expertise invaluable to me.
His teaching style and fresh approach bring a whole new angle to our sessions, and I would highly recommend Chris to anyone wishing to attain their goals no matter how big or small."



"Before starting with Chris, I had walking and balance challenges due to artificial hips, and was seeing a chiropractor for lower back pain.  These issues have now disappeared and I absolutely feel a lot better thanks to Chris.  I really look forward to each week to see what new challenges he is planning for me.  Brilliant!"



"I've been working with Chris for years.  For me, Chris provides the best balance between pushing my boundaries and accommodating any health constraints. I find his studio very comfortable and enjoy that we can go to the park for different types of exercise. 
I would not hesitate in recommending Chris."

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