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Counting to 10 for a living

OK, you've clicked on this. I'm going to assume that means you want to know a bit more about me, and you want some insight into how I can help you get yourself fitter, leaner, more toned? Great...

So, what's life like as a Personal Trainer?

It's brilliant! I don't consider it a job, I have a hobby that has been part of my life since I was a little kid, and people pay me to do it...like I said, brilliant! I get to do what I love every day, share what I've learned with other people, and watch them transform before my eyes. I meet interesting people from all walks of life, and I never stop learning. I can say with 100% certainty that my life is better that anyone else's on the planet (apart from Batman) - how cool is that? Actually, that's a rhetorical question...I've learned from experience not to ask open questions on the internet!

I guess I should tell you about the not so good bits too. My hours can be long, I tend to work 6 days a week, and of course there is the yearly panic about finding that receipt for the tax return I'm sure a lot of self-employed people can relate to. Oh, and there's the cold.

Some of my clients like to be outside to train, which is awesome in the summer (sorry if you're stuck in an office), but in the winter not quite so awesome. I was built for the sun. No matter how many layers I wear, it's cold, really cold. My clients will definitely be warm after running, jumping, and doing press-ups. But me, all I've done is count to 10 and press a stop-watch button. Actually, that's a great way of summing up my job - I count to 10 and press a stop-watch button. I also drink tea - pretty much all of my clients will have a cup of tea ready for me (one particularly kind one brings me a flask!). I like tea. I mean, I really like tea.

Of course, the bit my clients don't see is the planning. Imagine an evil genius fiendishly devising new ways to hurt (I mean challenge) their next victim (client)...pounding away at the keyboard with glee. It's not really like that of course. For a start there's more tea. I love the challenge of thinking about each client's needs and coming up with something different to keep them enjoying the process.

Session planning with a little help
Session planning with a little help

I've got over 20 years experience in this stuff, which means years of wear and tear. Sometimes my back can ache or my knee can grumble, just like anyone else's my age. But the main thing I have to stress to anyone who will listen is that the human body is designed to MOVE. Movement makes us feel better (mentally as well as physically), it helps prevent injury, and it improves recovery.

The secret to a happy, healthy life is not a secret at all. Move more.

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